In this course you will learn how to . . .

  • Make a great first impression

    Evaluate and improve the visual appeal, structure and navigation of your site.

  • Tell Your Story

    Use words and pictures to build a compelling case for customers to work with you.

  • Convert Visitors To Prospects

    Build a path into your website structure to lead prospects to say yes.

  • Measure Your Results

    Analyze and use the wealth of real-time information you can use to refine your marketing

  • Drive Traffic

    Make small adjustments to make your website more attractive to search engines as well.serar

Course curriculum

    1. Is Your Website Ready for Company - Let's Find Out!

    1. Resources and Assignment

    1. Video, Resources and Assignment

    2. Design Assessment

    1. Video, Resources and Assignment

    2. Bonus Video - Does your website answer the questions

    3. Content Assessment

    1. Video, Resources and Assignment

    1. Video, Resources and Assignment

About this course

  • $69.99
  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Meet your Instructor

Lorraine Ball

Entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, and host of More than a Few Words, a marketing podcast, Lorraine brings creative ideas, practical tips, and decades of real-world experience to every conversation.

Leaning on her experience as a business owner and former corporate executive, she delivers solid, usable content in a style that will you to action.
Lorraine Ball

Your Website is the Center of Your Business

But it is just one part of your overall marketing strategy.

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